"Don't ever take any shit from anybody."
C o o k i e p u s s.

C o o k i e p u s s.

"Nope, thank YOU. Thanks for all the help & support through the years. Health & happiness above all. Don't ever take any shit from anybody." ✌

Randy’s in the background geeking LMAO. 

Dean’s fake shocked face LMAO. 

Dean can you mail me a free shirt? Times are hard, & I can’t afford to be in that crowd to get my free stuff. 

"Uh oh. They sent out the cruiserweight division to get me." — Dean Ambrose making me laugh.

I’ll take Dean Ambrose for $1. 

Tyson Kidd was ringisde during that Divas match like, “They don’t pay me enough to deal with this shit.” 

I just wanna thank Dean’s parents for making such an attractive man. 

They’re playing Laycool’s theme. The feels. 

Shooooot. I’d stop for some food too if they had me looking for Dean’s crazy ass. A bitch is hungry. 

It’s nice to know Bray Wyatt is still alive.